Those who fail to plan - plan to fail

Watch a short video from Ken Himmler about why he wrote Total Retirement Freedom and why he is now willing to give you a free copy for limited time

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Hi, I'm Ken Himmler, the author of Total Retirement Freedom.  Since 1984, I've been helping people just like you to organize, optimize and create entirely new financial futures, while striving to protect their financial security.  

I have learned a lot over the past 30+ years and now I want to pull back the veil of the financial industry. 

This is the reason finally wrote this book. 

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, the first half of  the book is for you.  It helps you understand the high level areas of how to manage your own estate plan, tax plan, investment plan and asset protection.  The second half of the book is designed for those who don't want to wade into the murky waters of finance but still need help.  These people are the ones who want to enjoy life but have either been burned by a financial advisor, or are having to coordinate all the moving pieces themselves.  This part of the book will help you find, hire and oversee the financial advisors. 

The book has been so successful in helping people, I decided to give away 100 free books in July.  You can order your book completely free and only pay for shipping and handling. ($4.71) 

I'll also make you a 100% guarantee that if after you read the book you're not 150% satisfied that you can completely change your financial future,  I'll even refund the shipping and handling.  

Why in the heck would I do that?  

After three years of the book being published, I have received emails, letters and cards from people that said that they now had a simple way of changing their financial future, and without them having to figure it all out on their own. 

The problem today is that there are tons of Do It Yourself books out there promising to teach you how to become a financial wizard.  Here's the deal,  if people loved finances, law, tax, and planning, they would be a financial planner, just like I did. 

Most people just want to enjoy their lives and depend on financial people to help them.  In some cases the people they hire are thieves and steal their money. Just because someone does not hold you up with a gun does not mean they did not rob you.  Selling you investments that are more beneficiary to the sales people is one example.  Selling investments you can never get out of because they pay high commissions to the sales people is another. 


When large companies incentivize sales agents and advisors to sell mutual funds, annuities and REITs for high commissions, you have to question if they are really acting in the best interest of the client - YOU. 

To finally get a simple and quick way to develop your new financial future, I want you to get your free copy, read it and then send me a note or an email and tell me if this is the first book that told you truths that no financial advisor or CPA has ever told you. 



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The first step is to order your free book.  Depending on your location, you should only be 1-3 days away from receiving it. 

Read Book in Less Than 2 Hours

The book is written to allow a quick read. It will give you checklists, tools, and calculators. 

Make Your List Of Goals 

A Journey with no destination is only a stroll. Use the checklists to outline your financial plans

Use The Free Tools In The Book To Change Your Future 

Get your access to our Automatic Retirement Management Systems (ARMS) to allow technology to map and monitor your plan.

Live Rich Stay Wealthy - Total Retirement Freedom

You can get your free copy by either calling (844)-303-5131 or click any one of the red buttons and you'll be taken to the order page.  The book is free and all you pay is for Shipping and Handling.  

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Enjoy the read

When you finally find that one simple pathway to eliminate financial stress and provides a simple and easy solution, it usually makes you smile. 

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Do you have a map?

Most people trod through life, going from financial decision to financial decision. These decisions are usually lead by emotions, friends, relatives, tv, radio and the worse, the internet.  How do you really know what path to take?  If you don't know exactly where you want to go,  any road will do!  This is usually how people get into trouble and make really bad financial decisions. In Total Retirement Freedom, you'll learn these major mistakes that retirees make and how to avoid them. 

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Young Striver Wanting To Retire Early

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Corporate Women Wanting Security

Inheriting Child Needing Guidance

What if?

What if someone would have given you this book when you were 30? Imagine what new life you could have created?  Just because someone is younger, does not mean they cannot learn t he proper methods and strategies. 

What if?

Usually Women are faced with the burden of having the manage the money because the male counterpart has a shorter life expectancy. The women needs to be educated and empowered not to be taken advantage of. 

What if?

What if the children and grandchildren you leave your estate to have no idea on how to manage and protect it. If you want your assets to last for your heirs, it's time to help them get educated

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Get the tool kit

Total Retirement Freedom has more than 20 tools and links to help you create a new financial future.  Maybe you don't want to create your own plan but want to hire someone to help you but you've been burned in the past, TRF will help you find, hire and oversee financial advisors. All in, this book will give you everything you need to change your future. 

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